About Liz

LizLaingPhotoSince early childhood, I have been passionate about all things athletic, participating competitively in a wide range of sports. In 2002, I started practicing Pilates and Yoga along with a variety of other fitness regimens while studying at the University of Massachusetts. It was then I quickly realized that Pilates seemed to bring the best results in the smallest amount of time. However, in 2010 I experienced firsthand the life changing power of Pilates when a car accident left me injured and unable to do the traditional weight training and high impact fitness classes that I had always enjoyed. During my rehabilitation from the accident, Pilates helped me regain flexibility and movement, strengthened my core and changed my life is such a positive way that I wanted to share the benefits of Pilates with everyone around me. I especially loved how Pilates makes me feel energized and how it has reshaped my body. I am passionate about Pilates and its guiding principles and am excited about helping others achieve their fitness goals and to improve their daily lives through Pilates.

I am certified in Pilates and Barre through Balanced Body University in Boston, Massachusetts.

2 thoughts on “About Liz

  1. Awesome! So sorry to hear about your accident, but I completely agree. I came to pilates through rehabilitation for several dance injuries. So glad you visited me at xballerina!

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