“I absolutely love Pilates with Liz! And Barre with Liz! Her classes are a great fun workout! I can’t say enough positive things about Pilates and Barre with Liz! I always feel so happy and refreshed afterwards. It is amazing how fast you start to feel more toned and fit. Liz is so great and supportive and you can tell that she loves what she does!” – Katie Davidge, Bermuda

“Love Liz’s classes! I go to both Pilates and Barre and they are both great! Her classes are the first consistent workout I have ever stuck with, and I can definitely notice the results!…and a bonus is the music and the mood of the classes are always positive!” – Alicia DeSilva, Bermuda

“I fell in love with Liz’s barre and pilates classes earlier this year. When I first heard about barre I thought I would need to be ballerina to actually go to the class but Liz has shown me that barre is much more than plies. She is constantly incorporating new workouts to keep it interesting and challenging and she also plays the best music to keep you motivated. I recommend her classes because she offers a great workout in a supportive environment!” – Jillian Underhill, Bermuda

“Liz, I just wanted to thank you for the awesome workout that I had today. I can honestly say that your classes are the only form of exercise that I enjoy. Not only are they fun and enjoyable, but they are challenging. I appreciate that you are always changing it up and creating new exercises, which makes coming to your classes multiple times a week enjoyable. The music you play in class is by far the best. I have seen positive changes in my body since I started taking your classes. I also have received numerous compliments on my “new butt” and I owe it all to you and the barre classes you teach. Again thank you!” -Kellum Wilson, Bermuda

“I started classes with Liz earlier this year and can honestly say that I have never looked back! Her classes are a lot of fun, but are also super challenging at the same time. You will be guaranteed to see results (and feel the burn!!) regardless of how long you have been attending. Her workouts and playlists are constantly changing which keeps the classes fresh and exciting. Thanks for being an amazing instructor Liz!” -Chelsea Mayeaux, Bermuda

“I love Liz’s classes! It’s the only work out I’ve stuck with because it’s so fun, the music is good, the people are nice and Liz is so motivating! Highly recommend them for anyone who wants a good workout with all over toning!” – Erin Marini

“Pilates and Barre with Liz is the best workout I’ve had in years. It is all over toning and that is what I need!” – Annilee McBeath, Bermuda

“My body has changed drastically since I started doing Barre with Liz. Everything has gotten leaner and toner! I am hooked! Great music, awesome vibes, with incredible people. Couldn’t imagine my week without barre now :)” – Cassandra Matcham, Bermuda

“Liz’s Pilates and Barre classes are amazing! She has kicked my bum back into shape and I’m almost back to my Pre-baby weight! I highly recommend both her barre and Pilates classes.” – Kristin Parr Haddrell, Bermuda

“Love, Love, Love her classes! Barre Fusion is my favourite! Loving her Prenatal Pilates class and I cannot wait to start the Mommy and Me class while I am on Mat leave!” – Marisa A. J. Stones, Bermuda

“Love all Liz’s classes its the best way to get an amazing full body workout ..toning, tightening.. while having fun!! . She is the Best Barre and Pilates teacher in Bermuda by far. Im Hooked!!!!” – Anastasia Slater, Bermuda

“Liz’s classes are great! She is always introducing new moves or equipment. Liz changes workouts frequently, so you’re constantly challenged. The barre classes are great for toning and firming. Liz is mindful of your form and will make sure you’re doing the exercises properly, so you know you’re in good hands! I highly recommend Liz’s classes. You won’t be disappointed!” – Amanda Tedeschi, Bermuda

“Love Liz’s classes! She works you hard and is so motivating! I love her Barre and Pilates classes.” – Minta Sayres Watson, Bermuda

“Barre classes in London Ontario do NOT compare. Music is current, never a dull moment!” – Sacha Kessarram, Bermuda

“Want to thank Liz for her motivation and for making me feel awesome! Her barre workouts have tremendously helped my back problems by strengthening my core and other muscles! :-)”- Andrea Paparelli, Bermuda

“Her Barre classes are amazing and work!” Madison Mello, Bermuda

“Liz’s Pilates and Barre classes are addictive!” – Elisabeth Kast, Bermuda

“Love Liz’s Barre and Pilates classes!” – Lilybell Ng, Bermuda

“Liz is the Best!!” – Alex Juul, Bermuda

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